This is what it became

After I had a few cool photos under my belt, I built up the courage to share them. These were photos from my camera, I was still using Instagram with my iPhone of course but nothing of better quality from the camera had yet been revealed! I created a Facebook artist page called Life in a Lens. I was excited about the idea and nervous at the same time. I had good feedback as I progressed with a camera and learned different skills and techniques.

Somewhere along the journey, not too far, I thought that these photos would look amazing printed. It seemed like such a great idea. I didn’t know much about printing photos, but it seemed to me that it wasn’t something that people did any more with everything being digital. But I thought a physical photograph in someone’s hands was able to connect deeper. This idea came because of the memories connected with old family photos honestly. There is nothing like looking back on old family photos and remembering the days. They seem to have more value than a file on your computer screen…maybe it’s just me? but because of these thoughts I decided to get a printer and print photos into physical pieces of art. I started printing on a printer called Canon Pixma Pro-100. It was amazing! I couldn’t be happier.(that is, once I found out the not-so-simple tricks of printing high quality photos of course) I remember showing my friend Katy, perhaps the first person to see, or maybe just the first explosive reaction to one of my printed photos, but she was SO excited(Note:she is very expressive)… “wow, Mike…what, wow, this is amazing!” If Katy is excited, why can’t anyone else be?!

A few months later I participated in my first art show right in Grove City with these newly printed photographs from my fancy home printer. It was the Grove City Autumn Art Walk on September 19th, 2015. And not only my first art show, but the first time my work has ever been on display and seen by more than a few friends. This was also the official launch of my business I Am Mike Weber. It was one of the most exciting days! I didn’t know what to expect. 

The reactions I got from strangers passing by was the best! I was so encouraged and I knew I was doing something right. I was in the right place! It is cool to know that so many people from that day are still connected and follow my work. It’s been such a fun journey and the best possible beginning I could ask for. Oh, and the art show that day was also judged for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize, and to my pleasant surprise I won first place! A day I’ll never forget!

The beginning of 2016 I had my first very own art show in Grove City’s Artworks Gallery that also went really well, and after that I continued with a few small craft shows. The first few craft shows I did were a humbling experience. I stood at my table for 6 hours and 30 people walked through all day, about 8 of them talked to me. Three of them my friends who came to say hello! Throughout the summer I participated in a few 3 day festivals and around a dozen smaller art and craft shows. My hope is to get a bunch of big ones in 2017 :) The planning has begun! I’ve learned you get what you pay for in the festival world haha. I absolutely love them!

It’s important to me that people see my work. Not so I can show it off, but I truly believe it’s a gift God’s given me that needs to be shared. I take no credit! Photography was just about the last art form that I would have chosen and it’s come most naturally in the shortest amount of time. But I do plan on running after other arts throughout my days. The dream is to paint murals. Biiiiig colorful pieces on big walls. It is something I’ve dabbled in and just feels so good..brush and spray! And I would love to create music also, and write (don’t judge me based on this blog post) (: and actually a bunch of things bahah.

But for now! the plan is to stick with photography and focus and do the best I can with it. As well as my business. Hopefully do some more traveling and continue to explore my creative eye ;) I am really excited to see what 2017 brings. I am also really excited share with you some of my personal story that I believe has just about everything to do with where I am at right now. It will be out January first! Thanks for reading :)