a blog about not blogging

A blog about not blogging: 

Friends. I have realized that I committed myself to sharing my story and journeys through blogging some months ago. I have been slacking! Hold me to it. They are coming. But I have a plan this time. I believe it can work and will even succeed! I’m really shooting for consistency here, that is my goal. Consistency is a great trait and I am always inspired by those who are consistently consistent. If I fail I hope you still like me haha. 

For the next 3 weeks..ish. I am going to write about my journey with photography. I am really excited about this because I love sharing my story. And it gives me this cool and unusual opportunity to look back at the past with good reason and to share what I got! I hope you like it.. because it’s all I got! I’m gonna write 3 posts about my photography specifically. The first:

#1 - This is how it started

#2 - This is why it progressed

#3 - This is what it became

And theeeeeen, I need to share my story before I ever picked up a camera and found myself where I’m at. It's necessary and the most important story I have to share with you!

#4 - This is who I am

Stay tuned!