Cooks Forest

Our little 2 bunk cabin we stayed in.

Camping seems like the thing to do these days. Two weekends in a row! This time I stayed in a little log cabin, not a tent...or a Hilton Suite..but a cabin out in the boonies. My friend Alex and Doug and I drove about an hour and twenty minutes out of little Grove City Friday night to the giant Cooks Forest State Park. We arrived just as it started getting dark.

We fired up our little out door grill and cooked kielbasa under the stars.

A whooooole lot of stars.

Me winning Settlers of Catan ;)

 We got settled in, strummed the guitar, made a funky beat, and played Settlers of Catan. 

The next day we hiked a trail just a few miles from our cabin to the biggest pine tree on the east coast called Longfellow. The trees in this area were huuuge. I thought it was funny that they didn't even mark out the tree though! I was waiting to turn a corner and boom, Longfellow! Doug had to point it out to us because some one had shown him on a previous trip. He said it is so people don't write on it and damage it. Understandable. 

Doug in front of Longfellow. 

Up up and awayyyy. Just some trees on our hike and a nice sunflare :)

Liquid gold. This place is beautiful.

Alex has a flying drone with video and it's awesome. It has a gimbal on it which gives the video a reaaaally smooth look...even running with it in hand. Some how we ended up chasing Doug through the woods and filmed a short video out of it.

Just some happy campers.

Posted up near Longfellow. We chilled at this spot for awhile.

Dougs got upssss. No he actually tripped on the log and almost fell on this one haha but we made him do this like a million times so his legs were just about failing him at this point.

Then Alex, just for fun.

We were pretty pooped after a day of running..Doug especially haha. But we did manage to take some fun photos on our way out!

We cooked up these delicious steaks and potatoes.

Some serious potato cutting.


Cooking in Cooks. Delish.


Doug had to head out a few hours early, but the next morning Alex and I explored a nearby fire tower

The fire tower and Alex.

and then headed for the Grove. It's been good Cooks, we will meet again!