Create Better Together

I suppose I was a pretty independent person growing up. And I still am but I'm realizing the greatest things can only be accomplished together. And memories as well! What is life living alone? I've discovered it's not as good! The more I know people, the more I have to love people. About three years ago I entered in to a close knit community of Jesus followers in Grove City, Pennsylvania and my life is forever changed. I've learned we were made to be together. I have a lot to learn honestly haha but the journey continues. I've been thinking of my friends and family a lot these days. Looking back on some photos of past ventures and travels, I am so thankful!

Saria, Alex and I asked a nearby farmer if we could take photos in their field. We told her if we got a cool shot we would print it and bring it back to her. We did, she was so happy and surprised I think haha almost speechless!

My family at Thanksgiving in 2014.

Worship on the beach under the stars in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Ben and I in Chile, hiking Patagonia's mountains.

Anna, John and I in front of Taughannock Falls in Ithaca New York.

Anna and John, and me spinning fiery steel wool.

Alex and I freezing our butts off on Moraine Lake.

Katy posing in an epic church for a shoot we did in Pittsburg in June.

Alex in a triple exposure called Collapsing Constellations. 

John, Alex and I celebrating 2016's Leap Day.

Micky And Jenny wandering a frozen tunnel.

Out there!

Jes and I discovering Grove City at midnight.

Anna, John and I in Ithaca, New York.

2015 Summer in the Grove crew in St. Petersburg Florida.

Alex and I standing still for a long exposure on Moraine Lake.

Ben and I near McConnell's Mill shooting the stars.