Slow And Steady

This past year has been crazy! For me I suppose. So many unexpected events. Some times I hear other peoples stories and I what is my life...haha my last blog post I talked about my trip to Patagonia. It might sound impressive until you meet the people lodging with you. I remember talking with a woman in the hostel I stayed in one night and she said she just got back from a tour of this guys boat who is literally sailing around the world...haha what?! Who sails around the world? People are so inspiring. I met a new friend last night and hearing his perspective and seeing what he sees through his art was fascinating and refreshing. 

A lot of times when people are viewing my photos at a show or gallery, I ask them if they have a that really grabs their attention. And it's funny to me, because my favorite is rarely mentioned. People shrug it off when I point it out. Then they point to another and I'm just like huhhhh? I find it hilarious honestly because we all see things so differently! It's great. 

Like, two years ago my friend Tim and I took a trip to Portland, Maine. The place is sweet. It's on the coast and has an amazing rocky shoreline. Being from New Jersey, this was pretty exciting because what all New Jersey has is beach is seems. The city was cool too. They didn't have stop lights. Tim and I heard about a park on the water with a lighthouse so we went. The Headlight is what the locals call it. The place was incredible! I need to travel more.. The rocks had the coolest patterns and shapes. It was like a photographers playground. That's how I saw it anyways haha I was pumped!

At that time I recently started experimenting with different shutter speeds on my camera and long exposure photography. I was scoping the area for some cool composition. There were people all over and I was hoping they would all move haha. I saw this one guy walk out to a high point on the rocks. He stood right above the horizon on the point and I thought..yes! 

I set up my shot and waited for the coast to be clear(haha) and voila!

Being pretty new to this whole technique, it seemed like magic. Walking back and seeing the photo, a phrase immediately came to me, "in the chaos theres a calm". I've never heard or thought these words before but I thought it was a good name. I was super excited with it. This photo set a standard for me and has always encouraged me to push myself.

For some reason, more than ever this past year, I keep getting hurt! Like, physically injured. I write quite a bit and always jot down the story and I'm excited to look back in ten years and read about this year. Haha. Last May I was in Africa, and I burned my feet and broke my toe. A few months later I was on a deck at a party and it collapsed and my leg got messed up and I couldn't walk! In December, I got hit by a car riding my bike and broke my wrist. Oof. And just this last Saturday, I got elbowed in a basketball game and cracked a rib! Haha like what the heckkk?! All I can do is laugh. It hurts! But I strive too.

Last night I just so happened to be talking with a friend about this photo ^. (she was a shrugger) haha.. and thinking about it reminded me to find the Calm in all the crazy things that happen. Whether its a physical, a relational, spiritual, or maybe financial situation. Gotta press on! Isn't there a saying..keep calm and carry on? Yessss. There's a rapper I've become a fan of recently...We might use this line in different context, haha but he says at one point in a song, "if Gods got us then we gonna be alright!" Yeahhhh lets go! When I got hit by the car the song was stuck in my head for weeks, well just that line actually haha. I think I started singing that like mid-flight before I hit the ground. Haha no, but I did sing it everyday afterwards! and I am believing it! Getting hurt seems to be frustrating because it slows me down. But if I believe Gods got me! then I shouldn't have a problem with being slowed down. Maybe he's not interested in going fast and more interested in going slow?

I remember back in the day, my siblings and I played this video game on Playstation called Rayman. There was a level with a slippery floor and my sister would repeat over an over "slowwww and steady, slowww and steady!" cause if you weren't you would fall and have to start over haha I'm laughing about it right now as I type this. It was hilarious! My brother and I wouldn't listen and we'd always slip and fall to our doom. haha she would get it. Let's use this as a lesson friends. Hahah. but seriously.. Slow and steady.