This is how it started


We all need an outlet. We all have things inside of us only put there to be expressed with the world around us. Photography is one way to uniquely express how I see the world. I’m so thankful I discovered it! Truly. Growing up I was always on creative endeavors from building forts and building legos to sketching Dragon Ball Z characters. I remember I was first noticed as an “artist” in grade school when my class mates saw my drawings..and of course the grades my teacher would give me on my homework sketches. But drawing pictures did not suffice my minds capacity to fulfill it’s creativity!

I never discovered picture taking until I started taking pictures. That first happened when I got my first iPhone. The iPhone 4. It had a camera and the quality was pretty darn good! Everywhere I went I had this new camera with me. I started an Instagram account and what really encouraged me was the feedback of my friends! I remember friends would message me outside of Instagram just to tell me that my photos were awesome. It wasn’t because they were just good friends. I believed it for myself. Confidence grew and creativity thrived. My imagination ran with new ideas and I ventured to discover what was around me. I don't know how to explain it exactly but my eyes started seeing, or maybe searching this way for the first time.  The gears were turning.

I was told multiple times I needed to get a camera, but the idea of getting an actual camera still seemed too “risky”. I knew nothing about photography…like..nothing. The only thing I knew was that it was an expensive art to get in to. “What if I invest all of this money into something I get bored of after a month? Will I actually take the time to learn how to use a camera? I hear cameras are complicated..” These were the things I pondered when I thought anything more than my safe and simple iPhone 4.

Excitement grew and conviction arose. It was time to look into cameras…2 months after Hawaii, I remember I got a text from my friend Saria mentioning a great deal for a camera on Groupon I should take a look at. I didn’t purchase anything from it but for the first time ever the idea of “buying” a camera was introduced.

It got me thinking. I did my research. It quickly became the greatest idea I’ve ever had(haha)…to get a camera! I pitched the idea to my parents and shared my thoughts. They knew how hard I worked and how passionate I was with the potential I carried. I never went to college but my mom said this is my “college tuition” haha. In combination with my birthday on March 18, they invested into me. They bought me a Canon t3i that came with 2 lenses. They also bought me a Macbook Pro. And even then I had thoughts thinking, “I hope this is a good idea.” But I believed it was right. It felt so right. You know that feeling when you know? That was it!

In March 2014 I got my camera.

Next week : This is why it progressed

Check out a few photos taken on my iPhone before the camera. Click through the arrows to see them! The beginnings :)

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