Hello there and welcome to my blog! I've realized that I really enjoy sharing my stories and experiences with others. It's something I've recently rediscovered and I am getting so much life out of it! Through this blog my hope is to give you a more in depth look at my journey with photography and where it's taking me...and prooobably along with some other creative endeavors like video, spray painting, rapping, beat making and just more of me...we'll see! But yes, story telling! I actually remember when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, I would come up with and create these completely unreal stories involving me and some friends. They all loved them and would encourage me, "In the next one you should write about...!" I remember the times even so young of how much I enjoyed it! Unfortunately, I never payed too much attention to it in 4th grade...haha which isn't too surprising, but I am super thankful it's been rediscovered through writing the stories of my photos!

Photography started for me when I got my first iPhone! It was the iPhone 4, you've probably all had it haha but it had good picture quality so it sparked my creative side. A friend told me I needed to get Instagram, back when it was iPhone exclusive, so I did! I was encouraged and inspired by my friends and followers to get a camera..mostly from their "likes". Haha no, actually their comments! So a year or two later I did. I looooved it! I was definitely into the sunsets and waterfalls and outdoor landscapes more than anything else. I make sure I see the sunset every day! And I've recently become a huge fan of the moonrise. But what the real game changer was for me, was when I got a wireless remote for my camera. I had the idea of adding people to my photos, but my picture taking is pretty spontaneous, depending a lot on the weather and a few other things so it was hard for me to have someone whose constantly on call at my leisure. So with the remote I could put myself in the picture and take it wirelessly..and it honestly changed everything I did with a camera and the way I saw things through a lens. Below is a picture from the first time I set out with my idea and new remote. When I took this photo and drove it home, I was lit! Something inside me came to life and I felt confident in what I wanted to do and the direction I wanted to go with photography.

Last year, September 19th, exactly a year after this photo was taken, I launched my business I Am Mike Weber and participated in Grove City's Autumn Art Walk, exposing my photography for the first time ever! I was completely blown away when I found out I won Best In Show for the event. I could hardly believe it actually. Crazy crazy crazy. Haha wayyy up I feel blessed. It felt so good to be recognized in something that I myself believe in. Confirmation. So good! I'm thankful. So today, about two years after getting hold of a camera, the journey continues and I love it and continue to explore my creativity! 


Besides photography, I love people! Some like cats or dogs or horses, once I heard dolphins, but I reaaaally like people! They can be a lot more work to enjoy than a cat or dog, but people are so worth it! Earlier today, I walked out my front door and passed a girl sitting in her car with her hand in her face. She looked at me so I waved and she waved back and I kept walking..I walked for a moment and thought I should turn around and go talk to her. So I did and I asked if she was okay and found out she was in a pretty rough place. I ended up sitting with her and spending some time with her and encouraged her. We exchanged some stories and laughs and she read me some writing she's done, and I was on my way. It was the best. People are so priceless and worth getting to know and share and experience life and relationships with. So I love people! And with that said, I would honestly loooove to talk to you and hear your stories and see your art and see your photos! You truly inspire me. I am thinking I will blog at least once, maybe twice a week, soon to be on a set schedule :) so until then.. thanks for reading!