Editing Tutorial

Serenity Lightroom Tutorial sRGB USE.jpg
Serenity Lightroom Tutorial sRGB USE.jpg

Editing Tutorial


Make the most out of your photographs in this 40 minute Start To Finish Editing Tutorial. Using Lightroom, I will take you step by step through the editing process of one of my favorite photographs, “Serenity”. 

You will need Adobe Lightroom to follow along. You can rent Adobe Lightroom for $10 a month HERE. I use Lightroom on a daily basis for all my work and have for years. 

This tutorial is great for beginners showing the basic functions Lightroom has to offer, but also has advanced techniques that will help fine tune your images.

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What you will learn: 


A basic description of what each tool does.

How to crop and straighten your images.

How to adjust exposure, highlights and shadows. 

How to sharpen your image and reduce noise.

Change colors and saturation.

Creative ways to use the gradient and radial filters.

Basic importing and exporting.

Tricks I have found along the way that helped me find my own style in editing.

and much more.